Asgard 7SK

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DEFRA Approved Stoves for Smoke Controlled Stove Areas

Smoke-Controlled Stoves are DEFRA approved for use in smoke exempt urban, town and city zones.

An effective and functional convection stove covered with decorative soapstone, which gives a beautiful contrast to the black surfaces. Soapstone has a special ability to absorb and maintain heat.

Stove Specifications

SKU 133-50074
Item Asgard 7 SK - DEFRA Black
Warranty: 2 Years
Nominal Power: 5 kW
Operational Power: 2-7 kW
Weight: 130 Kg
Flue Diameter: 150mm Top
Max Log Length: 32 cm
Distance to combustibles: back 20 cm, side 30 cm
Dimensions (HxWxD): 900 x 516 x 355 mm
Efficiency: 80.50%
Aduro-tronic: No

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